The joy of sewing on BBC Sounds

I love it when a friend sends a link to me with a message saying something like “I think you’ll enjoy this!” It’s so easy to miss really good stuff and I see a tip from a friend as being like a gift.

Having just listened to this fascinating conversation on BBC Sounds I wanted to share it. I’m passionate about sewing and have not only chosen it as a career but I’ve felt the mind calming benefits of hand sewing during times of crisis.

Free Thinking – The joy of sewing

I found myself saying out loud “Why didn’t we learn this at school?” when the Bayeux Tapestry was being discussed. I want to learn more about the important people who have been part of history, with needle in hand and feet on the treadle.

For much of my adult life I’ve been around sewing machines, both at work and at home, such is my love for sewing. For a long time I didn’t do any hand sewing, apart from sewing buttons on or finishing a hem. I was thrilled to bits when I was given a copy of Mollie Makes and on the cover was a cute little hand embroidery kit, pictured above. Sitting and enjoying creating every stitch evoked memories of learning to sew as a child and being completely immersed in the process. The design is by Amanda Bryde.

I can’t write about my love of sewing without mentioning how wonderful it is to see sewing celebrated on prime time television in The Great British Sewing Bee. Is it just me or have they made the challenges more, well, challenging? I’m full of admiration for the competitors keeping their cool whilst under pressure.

Another one I’ve been recommended to listen to is Threads of Life – The History of The World Through the Eye of a Needle. I may listen to this whilst sewing. Bliss!

Have you listened to or watched any of the broadcasts I’ve mentioned, and, if so, were you inspired to create something as a result? Drop me line and let me know.

I’m off to find out more about Tibetan hand sewing after listening to it being mentioned in Free Thinking…