Burda, sewing and me

Today I did something I haven’t done in a while. I perused the sewing magazines in WHSmith and purchased a Burda magazine. As a teenage apprentice, looking through the latest copy of Burda would inspire and excite me. I’d stay up late and work weekends tracing off and adapting patterns before making new clothes for myself.

At a glance

I had the pleasure of talking about this on live television last year, here’s the link…Me enthusing about BurdaStyle on live TV

After this show, I decided to pay to complete the BurdaStyle Teaching Certificate. It was a fun and rewarding experience. I’m a great believer in adding to my existing skills and being open to learning more.

I’ve already looked through the magazine and felt my heart rate increase a little at the prospect of marking the pages for items I really look forward to making.

When I worked from a studio in Cornwall I had an unexpected visit from a lovely lady who lived nearby. She had seen me pattern cutting and asked if I’d like some back issues of Burda magazine, which she no longer needed, and some haberdashery too. Here’s one pictured on the left, from 1975, along with this sumptuous turquoise trim. I haven’t decided what to do with this yet but it’s really beautiful and I’ve no idea of it’s history. Is it made of glass? I’m not even sure. She was such a generous neighbour.

Burda 1975 and 2018


Turquoise trim

So, as well as loads of DIY, business admin, gardening and exercise to do, I also plan to make at least one item from this new issue of BurdaStyle in the next week or two.

What are your sewing plans? Keep in touch via Instagram.

Have fun!

Jennifer x