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Hi and greetings to you on a chilly December afternoon.

You may already be aware of my admiration for Burda patterns if I’ve taught you or if you’ve seen some of my posts on social media. They and I go way back and I recently completed the BurdaStyle Teaching Certification Course. I’ve been teaching sewing for some years now, I love it, my motivation for taking this particular course was to create a goal for myself and also for the added opportunities it may bring. Who knows? I like to feel that I’m always learning and open to new possibilities.

Here I am on Sewing Quarter talking about Burda and Burdastyle. BurdaStyle on Sewing Quarter

burda_teaching_stamp purple sm

There are all sorts of interesting creative ideas and technical information on the BurdaStyle website. Have a look, I’m sure it’ll inspire.

I’ll keep this blog post short and sweet as my main reason for posting, is to share the link to the free download for these lovely tags. FREE tag download

Tags frontI chose to use brown, parcel paper, because I really like that vintage look you get when you print onto it. I imagine some of the interesting textured papers you can buy in craft shops would create a very nice effect too, especially linen look. I really love the images and the fonts, my particular favourite is “Fresh off my Machine!”

For an added detail, how about attaching swatches of fabric, related to your sewing project, to the back of the tag?Tags back

I think they add a really attractive finishing touch to hand crafted creations.


Jennifer x