My top tips for sewing curved hems

On Sewing Quarter this week I had the pleasure of demonstrating how to make a top with a very dramatic looking draped sleeve. I described it as a tube being attached to a circle. This may sound odd but those are actually the shapes that they are. I like to analyse and break down pattern shapes, not only for my own benefit when I’m designing a pattern but also as a way of encouraging my students to develop an eye for how patterns are made.

Ease stitching is a particularly useful stitch when making this design. Have a look at how the line of stitches enabled me to press a narrow hem all the way around the sleeve edge. It did look very much like a lily pad when I’d drawn the thread up!

You can view the show here…Top demonstration on Sewing Quarter

If you’d like to see the show on the 12th of June, where I demonstrated how to make the tulip sleeves, click here…Tulip sleeve top demonstration

In the third hour of this Wednesday’s show, I used a Vogue pattern to create a linen wrapover skirt with button detail at the front. Here it is…Vogue linen wrapover skirt demonstration

If you’re making a garment that has a facing with interfacing applied to it and corners, I hope you find my demonstration useful of how to trim those seam allowances before folding the corners over.

Have you used either of these patterns to make something for yourself? I’d love to see the results. Do get in touch via social media.

Happy sewing!

Jennifer x