A very creative weekend!

It’s been a very creative couple of days. Starting with teaching a free motion embroidery session at lovely Flo Jo Boutique on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

The students created some wonderful pieces. I’ll be adding photos as soon as I get them.

Pictured, above, are two pieces I created, Water and Earth.

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, Claire and I welcomed people to join us in St Stephen’s church garden to cut and stitch leaves to form bunting. Just off Corn Street, in Bristol there is a lovely green space. We sat at the picnic bench and enjoyed making in a very free style way, seeing what developed as we went and looking at how the colours appeared next to each other. As I write, the colourful, plant inspired bunting, is gently blowing in the breeze with the sunlight shining through the leaves.

It has been a very sociable, creative and colourful weekend.